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SUN 8.00 - 3.00

( Kitchen close at 2.30 pm )

Mac & Cheese festival

We welcome this cold month with Mac & Cheese festival, we feature 3 new dishes;

- Mac & Hash Sammich / Double hash browns with poached egg, mac and cheese, crispy bacon bits & bbq chili jam

- Mac & Bac croissant / Mac and cheese, bacon rashers, poached egg & bbq chili jam

- Mega Mac & Cheese burger / crispy bacon, beef patty, cheddar, fried egg, red cabbage slaw, chili relish, mac and cheese served with potato gems & fries

Happy days.

Seaweed is a new Kale!

Our mission in 2016 is to provide more variety of healthier & greener food on the menu. We have been focus on quality & fresh ingredients from the day one and it's continue to be a centre of our attention this year. 

After the successful of monthly special last year that create a few of Little Alley signature dishes, we decided to keep it going through out this year. Embrace with exciting new dishes while you can find original dishes to enjoy on the menu.

Sneak & peak on what is coming include healthy kid menu, savoury yogurt, Hawaiian influent dish, seaweed, waste free dish and let's not forget the new GF & Vegetarian dish on board too. 

'Seaweed is a new Kale'